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For riders who use a base setting most of the time and only adjust their suspension once in a while - like enduro riders in a motocross track.



​​Storage of the data of the suspensions of your motorcycle:​

  • Usable setting ranges: find out how many clicks or quarter turns you canperform and keep track of your suspension capabilities.

  • Base Settings : Keep a basic record of the settings you have on the bike before you start trying other settings. If you feel like your suspension needs tweaking, don't be afraid to try different settings. You can always return to your Base Settings. Your Base Settings contain the following data:

    • ​​​Compression force : for both the forks and the shock, including the low and high speed adjusters on the shock.

    • Rebound Speed – For both the forks and shock, including low and high speed adjusters depending on the model and year of your bike.

    • Fork height: the height of the fork affects the handling of the motorcycle, especially when cornering and stability on the straight. Save this data and try other heights.

    • Fork air pressure(if your forks use air to dampen compression instead of a coil spring). The air pressure works like the force of the spring.

  • Current Settings: Check what settings your motorcycle's suspensions have every time you go out riding. If you have not modified your Base Settings, the data will be the same.

  • Global Vision Clickers™: Smart suspension adjustment in real time! Each click change is translated into a percentage, so you know where you are. 

  • Smart Clickers™:   no more counting clicks and getting lost! When you want to return to a saved setting, you will be informed of the clicks you have to apply and how to do it.

  • Balance Check Clickers™: make sure that the front and rear suspension are balanced. The the compresion and rebound damping in the forks must not be too far off from the compresion and rebound damping in the shock. Be prepared for shocking revelations, especially if you bought your bike from a previous user. 

  • Gps location. You don't need to search for the track to add new settings, it will appear automatically and you only have to tap on it.

  • Access our constantly updated track database,  and use it with your GPS application for taking you to the track.

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your motorcycle We keep it for you. If your motorcycle is stolen, we will use our network of users to help you recover it. Or, you can use this box to keep any other data that may be of inerest to you, like a preload, a SAG, or an air pressure. 


  • Settings for up to five (5) motorcycles. Use the possiblity to keep a registry of up to five bikes to your advantage. For instance, you can have five different suspension setups of your suspension, like your suspercross setup and your motocross setup.

  • Receive notifications from the Clickers MX community:  match up with riders who have the same skills and weight as you and share settings without having to reset your adjusters with Smart Clickers™.

  • You have UNLIMITED Track settings. For each track, you can save as much settings as you need. These settings are arranged by the date on which they were saved, the track condition of that day, and the weather.

  • Reuse saved settings from other tracks without having to reset your adjusters with Smart Clickers™. Just like with your base settings, but with every single track setting. Your saved setting is just a few clicks away!

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