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You cannot adjust your suspension if you don't actually understand how the adjusters work. With Clickers MX App, this weight has been lifted. For good. How?

Well, the app converts clicks into percentages, which gives you an absolute understanding because a percentage is data that represents a proportion or a fraction of a whole expressed as a number out of 100.


So, if we tell you that your fork is at 60% of its compression force, you will understand perfectly where that setting is at. You just have to lower or raise that percentage, and the app will tell you the number of clicks you have to adjust and the direction of the adjustment using graphic user interfaces, thus eliminating any risk of  doing the opposite of what you intended to do.

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Your settings are golden. They are the result of your testing hours and they will give you an advantage over your competitors, letting you to ride to your full potential.

Use the app to keep all of your settings sacurely stored in the cloud and ready to use at all times.

Whenever you want re-use a given setting, the app calculates the number of clicks you have to adjust and tells you the way to do the adjustment (whether clock or counterclockwise) using graphic user interfaces.


Anybody can do the adjustment! your dad, your mom, your bro or sis, your friend... you name it. Just follow the indications in the app, you'll be amazed how easy it really is.


Users with similar weight and riding ability can exchange settings even if the make of the suspension is not the same. Got KYB and your riding buddies are on the WP side? No problem at all. Now you can bench race all you want with suspension settings as the hottest topic!

The app does all the proper calculations and converts the data into suspension adjustments. It is up to you to share your best settings and help make motocross a safer and more fun experience!



​If your suspension is not balanced and work in unison, it will never function correctly. Maybe you are not all in for suspension setting, but surely you want to make sure that at least your suspension is balanced - that is the very least you can do!

Download the app to check if your bike's suspension is balanced. Compare the compresion force and the rebound speed between the forks and the shock absorber in the same screen, and do your adjustment from there. You will know if something is off just by looking at the percentages. 

Our Partners

We rely on the permanent counsel of Spanish suspension guru Jose Manuel Pastor Torró, founder of Race Tech Spain and suspension technical advisor for professional racers who have won national and international titles, like MX Euro Champ José Butron. We are determined to help riders worldwide, so if you would like to join the 'help-wagon', you are very much welcomed!

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