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The relationship between the rider and the suspension technician.

"My bike is the best bike in the championship" What is behind these words? A lot of confidence, for sure. And in motocross, self-confidence starts with trusting that your bike will do what you ask out of it at all times.

This level of trust is not achieved through beliefs, but rather through proven facts. No matter how much you think your suspension is on point, if you don't spend time getting to know how it works and interpreting the feeling it gives you, your setting will not be the best, nor will you be able to give your suspension technician all the information necessary to get the most out of it.

When tuning the suspensions, information flows in both directions: rider and technician exchange information, which requires that the rider must have an understanding of how the suspension has to work out on the track to inform the technician of the feeling that the suspension transmits; and the technician has to have the experience and knowledge to "translate" that information provided by the rider and understand how the suspension is working to make the necessary adjustments.

That is why, behind the success of great rider, there is always a great technician. We have seen it in the miraculous conversion of Eli TOMAC, when nearly reaching the age of 30 and after a period of six years without his former suspension technician, Ricki Gilmour, he left KAWASAKI USA to sign for Star Racing YAMAHA where he was re-united with Gilmour. And since no one understands the information that Tomac gives about his suspension better than Gilmour, the success came right away.

The same can be said about José Pastor (Racetech Spain) and José Butrón. Butrón and Tomac have reached their best version in parallel, and both have achieved it thanks to two great technicians who know how to process the information they receive from the rider like no other, and turn it into the precise adjustments that the suspensions require.

Use Clickers MX App to give feedback to your technician so he/she can help you in the quest of finding your best settings. And when you do find them, use the app  to keep all your suspension work safe and easily re-usable.


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